Xen: Mad Genius Extraordinaire (xenotheum) wrote in tsunagete,
Xen: Mad Genius Extraordinaire

Children Will Listen

I have learned that it is futile to agitate the masses in hopes of changing them. They have already formatted themselves. They have already made their decisions. This generation, while a frustratingly selfish, hypocritical, careless, and unfair lot, will eventually pass away. The ones to be focused on, if any changes are ever to be made, are the children.
The mindful, logical people of this world should stress to our impressionable, non-judgemental children that they must retain their curiosity and acceptance, their creativity and unconditional love! Society needs teachers who care, and responsible parents that get involved.
Nothing the logical say will sway the general population, who have made their choice to be ignorant. However, if we shine our wisdom down upon the children, who are still open, they will overflow with it. They will spill it all over the generations to come, and the cycle will continue.
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